Thursday, April 13, 2006

You're Invited! To an Australian Housewarming Party /

Who: Allyson and Bryan
When: Anytime between now and May 10
Where: A tiny suburb outside Melbourne, Australia
Why: Because we're so happy to empty our backpacks!

After living out of a bag for 98 straight days, Bryan and I are jumping for joy at having arrived at our temporary home, in Westmeadows, Australia, for the next four weeks. We came across the house online (on craigslist, of all websites!) and it fit just about everything we were hoping for: A nice place to spread out, relax, unpack, and from which to get to know a particular area of Australia. Amazingly, it's costing us about $42/night, or almost half of what we paid to stay at the Y in downtown Sydney. Also, it has HDTV.

The owners are a couple also traveling around the world (in the opposite direction, of course), and our paths may just happen to cross in Vietnam. What are the odds?

A mini-tour:

There are three bedrooms upstairs and an open kitchen/dining/living area downstairs.

Aussie are weird: The shower is just part of the bathroom, with a drain in the floor and no curtain or door to speak of.

Outside deck, with running path behind the house.

There are a few more photos on flickr.

We're also looking forward to getting serious about our Mt. Kilimanjaro training (Bryan bought $20 running shoes at Target -- yes, that Target -- yesterday), using our free time to cook elaborate meals in the kitchen (not shared, for once, with 30 other ramen-loving backpackers), and rejoicing in the fact that Survivor: Exile Island is on local TV two nights a week.

The only real downside is that the house is pretty far away from the U.S., which makes it unlikely that we'll get a good turnout for our housewarming party. I so very much wish we could have everyone over to play games and make use of the extra bedrooms and the fondue set we found in the cabinet above the oven...

Since Melbourne is pretty much shut down for the next three days for the celebration of Easter, we won't be exploring the city itself until Monday. Rather we'll be here, settling in, training, watching the five movies we rented from the local shop for $7 (doesn't that defy the laws of physics or something?), and indulging in wireless Internet access.

So stop by and say hi!



At 6:45 AM, jennymu said...

Wow! That house looks slammin'. Wish I could come and visit.

At 9:38 AM, Robin said...

I wish I could come too, especially if Melbourne is anything like that house. However, our traveling days are over for a while....

At 12:34 PM, spaw said...

I can bring the beer, and I'll also bring cards and Trivial Pursuit.

As soon as I get my InstantWorldTravel(tm) machine put together.

At 12:45 PM, wildcardgal said...

Wow, you have a lovely place!


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